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Twitter and pornography

This is just a short Text. I personally do not have any problems with pornography and such things. Everybody can do what they want. But WHAT THE FUCK. If you have a Twitter Account, make it private. Or make a second one for NSFW Stuff. Because if you are following Familyfriendly accounts, and are commenting…

By DogHaku 17. February 2021 0

Honest people have less friends

Really, that’s how I see it. I’m a real honest person, especially to my friends. If I don’t like something, I say it. If someone asks me something like “How do you like this or thar?”, I tell them the truth. Many people don’t like this. They expect that you like everything they do. That,…

By DogHaku 4. February 2021 0

Thank you :)

I would like to say thank you. The first days this blog is online I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on Twitter and Instagram, I really appreciate that. I actually did not get one negative message at all. Yesterday I added “Categorys” to the mainmenu, so you can sort all articles by category, so you’ll…

By DogHaku 31. January 2021 0