The end – Or a new beginning?

28. January 2021 0 By DogHaku

Since march 2020 I was the member of a group called “Puppies Hamburg”. That’s now over. Here is a small overview about my personal perception of the community.

What happened?

I left the group “Puppies Hamburg” today. For several reasons. First of all, it seems to be more importand to keep the shiny appearance alive, because you don’t want to see things that happen in this group outside of it. (In this particular case it was about disgusting, transphobic comments of two members of this group, which I published censored without their names elsewhere). On the other side, the admistration seems to believe that a telegram group with ~220 members is still a secret private place. Spoiler: it is not.

Why did I publish the comments?

Because no one did something against it. Ther was a “we don’t want such messages here” and that’s all. They were not even deleted. I tried to talk to the administrators, but it did not work out. It did never. And I was not the only one by the way.

What would I have been done?

First of all, the two people who harrased, did not do that for the first time. So I personally now would have banned them permanently and deleted their messages.

What have the admins done?

Nothing. Literally nothing. They did not delete the messages, they just posted something “hey calm down, don’t do that”. (For your Info, it was about a small video clip showing a young guy transorming to a drag, the comments were: “Looks disgusting. Can’t understand why guys use makeup and wear womensclothing. I’m gay, I like guys and not half-women” and the other was “Like a car accident. With enough bodyfiller and paint everything looks good.” (free translation) ).

Okay so they did nothing, besides go nuts because those comments slipped outside (without authors name, without source).

The “community”

The community is shattered, and this is sad. Every single word you say autmatically counts as a personal attack. Instead discussing about problems, they are beeing ignored. It would have been so easy to punish these authors and telling “Hey, we’re open for everyone” but this has not been done. Why? Too much work? Too afraid that the problems are getting to the outside? I don’t know

But it’s all pink fluffy unicorns

Yes it is. In small groups of members. That’s no problem, but often they harrass each other inside of a “big group out of small groups”. And the admins are not interested in such things, they want simply silence.

Is this the right way?

No it is not. If you are the administrator or moderator of a chat group, you have to invest time into it. If you can’t afford time, simply don’t moderate a chat group. It’s that easy. For example, if you would post such comments like the above on twitch, chance is 99% for getting banned instantly.

On TWITCH. It’s so sad to say that, but yes. It’s true. You are more safe on twitch when it comes to harrasment, then on this community specialized chat group.


I’m not sad about leaving that group. I’m in contact with many nice puppies from there. I’m sad about the people who have been passively harrased by those comments, and who learnt that nothing has been done against it. So they keep silent because they don’t want to get in trouble. I can understand that.

So please if you read harrasing content anywhere, use all the tools you have to report it.

Thank you.